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Welcome to the definitive blog of live MOBOTIX webcams, arrangement by Flavio Nelson Cassiano Costa.
I live in Olinda City, Pernambuco - Brazil.
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Bem-vindos ao definitivo blog de câmeras MOBOTIX ao vivo, organizado por Flavio Nelson Cassiano Costa.
Moro em Olinda, Pernambuco - Brasil.
Email and MSN: flavionelson@hotmail.com

Apr 30, 2009

Tanzania - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro - The First & Only Live Web Camera at Mt. Kilimanjaro
Picture refreshes every 5 minutes - F5
About this cam:
Mounted on a tower in Moshi at the foot of Kilimanjaro, running twenty-four/seven, 365 day per year, rain or shine, the abilities of Tusker Trail’s KiliCam are nothing short of awesome. The Kilicam website receives around 30,000 visits per month, and it has provided hundreds of thousands of Internet surfers a window into the natural beauty of Tanzania. Just as importantly, it has logged nearly 100,000 photos of Kilimanjaro over three and a half years and provided important documentation of the mountain, especially its rapidly receding glaciers.
The KilicCam is the first and only live web camera at Mt. Kilimanjaro and we guarantee you it will not disappoint.

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