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Welcome to the definitive blog of live MOBOTIX webcams, arrangement by Flavio Nelson Cassiano Costa.
I live in Olinda City, Pernambuco - Brazil.
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Bem-vindos ao definitivo blog de câmeras MOBOTIX ao vivo, organizado por Flavio Nelson Cassiano Costa.
Moro em Olinda, Pernambuco - Brasil.
Email and MSN: flavionelson@hotmail.com

Apr 18, 2009

Greece/Grécia - Athens

Greece/Grécia - Athens/Atenas - 60 sec- 60 segundos

Thunderstorm over the north suburbs of Athens. 21mm total rain (and hail) at a max of 180mm/h rain rate!
Movie by Petros Vassiliou
Music by Jean Sibelius - LUONNOTAR.
Movie: http://nifada.com/diary/2008/storm_20080609.wmv

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